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A fitness nutrition system for athletes on the go

The Core150™ Stack Pack™ is a fitness travel system designed exclusively around the Core150™ sports bottle that allows for the preparation and transportation of up to 4 days' worth of accurately measured sports supplementation. Complete with an innovative double Meal Pod™ systems in the base and easy to access Core150™ storage area on top.

Each Core150™ can hold 150 gram measurements of powders, supplements, vitamins, fruit and other dietary snacks of your choice.

What you get

  • 1 x Stack Pack™
  • 2 x Core 150™ Meal Pods™ — free

Not included

  • Shaker and storage compartments.

*Please note our Core150™ Shakers and Storage units are pictured for illustration purposes only

Core150 Meal Pods

The Core150™ Meal Pod™ is an out of the box design on the conventional meal dish. Each Pod comes complete with removable Core for dietary meal separation. Whether you're preparing a larger meal or two small low carb meals our Core150™ Meal Pod™ has you covered.

Each Meal Pod™ is made from polypropylene with translucent quality. Core150™ Meal Pods™ are BPA FREE and Dishwasher Safe.

Stay organised with the Stack Pack

Not content on keeping your supplement and meal prep in check the Core150™ Stack Pack™ ensures you remain productive on the move. We understand that the modern athlete needs optimal convenience without the baggage which is why we have designed you a discreet everyday dietary support system.

Our custom designed Stack Pack™ allows for you to store laptop, iPad and help keep safe your headphones, iPod, gum shield, gym card and locker tokens. The Stack Pack™ also keeps custom dietary sheets and other important schedule documents organised in one easy to access area.

The Core150™ Stack Pack™ is the ideal solution for the busy athlete who likes to be prepared and remain organised on the move.