Company History

Core 150™ originated from identifying a problem that existed in trying to maintain quality nutrition intake after a workout at my local gym. We found that trying to consume adequate enough nutrition during working hours was also a major problem, especially when on the road.

With dual compartment shaker cups available on the market none of the products on offer fulfilled the requirements needed on a volume level, and although very well manufactured they either held too little powder or not enough water to hydrate or mix my supplement satisfactory enough. So we decided there had to be an answer.

After expansive competitor analysis and multiple prototype engineering our talented team dissected every shaker on the commercial market and got to work in designing the athletes choice of shaker cup. Capable of holding 50 grams of powder across three individual compartments including 1 litre of water for optimal mixing and hydration, Core 150 was born.

As one of the newest sport shaker cups to arrive on the market Core 150 has quickly captivated the attention of both nutritional consumers, athletes, and powder manufacturers across the world with its innovative compact design, triple supplement delivery system, and unique branding capability.

Since founded the product has the goal of becoming the multi compartment sport shaker cup of choice for every athlete or active lifestyle individual. Core 150 helps deliver three step nutrition exactly when you need it allowing you to perform at maximum potential whilst giving you adequate enough fluid to either mix your powders of choice or hydrate effectively.

We are so confident in our products quality it comes complete with a full one year money back performance warranty and leak proof guarantee.

Our company has a consortium of talented entrepreneurs that have over six years of nutritional industry experience, PHD & BSc honours including International online marketing qualifications.

Our team have helped build and establish multiple online retail stores achieving turnovers in excess of £4.2 Million, and helped establish multiple sport supplement brands one of which was acquired in 2011.

Core 150™ is now looking to expand progressively and globally over the next five years.

As an advocate for brand protection and outright quality we believe that by being in control of our entire manufacturing process will allow for us to monitor the integrity of our brand throughout the entire distribution process, ensuring that our consumers and distribution partners get the very highest level of support possible, combined with an unsurpassable level of customer service.