About us

Founded in November 2011 Core 150™ is a sports shaker cup that has been strategically designed to deliver a useful and innovative solution in providing athletes from all sports with multiple nutrition on demand. Our aim is to ensure our product is of the highest quality whilst withstanding rigorous daily usage.

Core 150™ has evolved from over two years of extensive market research in sporting physiology case studies surrounding the importance of supplement intake. Perhaps the most remarkable yet overlooked aspect of the Core 150™ design is its unique ability to deliver 50 grams of powder in three separate fully concealed compartments, providing nutrition on demand whilst delivering 1 litre of water for optimal hydration.

Every day, our team of avid sport supplement users continually research new findings on the benefits of sports nutrition intake during dieting and physical exertion to ensure that you get maximum benefit from the Core 150™ Shaker, and to give you the very best advice on how to achieve your physical goal and benefit from our products overall purpose.

The Core 150™ team is continually nourished by its benefactors' and powered by media and a social network of supplement users, this community will enable us to produce a wide variety of informative nutritional advice and resource that we hope will benefit and educate everyone who uses the Core 150™ Shaker.

Every single contribution supports our entire user community, and the community supports our contributors with informative advice on how to better yourself as an athlete and this is why we believe Core 150™ is more than just a shaker cup.