Why Core 150?

Core 150™ is more than just cool. As well as all the unique advantages Core 150™ is designed to bring convenience to the professional athlete and everyday supplement consumer by making nutritional preparation simple.

Proven Research

There is no doubt that taking your supplements and protein shakes at the right time will more than assist you with your physical gains.

Core 150™ sets the bench mark for consumers with point and reference to proven research and case studies from world renowned professors of sports, health and exercise science. Research has proven that you must be precise with your measurements when taking your supplements and studies have indicated that 40/50 grams of protein intake per serving as being the optimal level for digestion. Core 150™ holds up to 50g of protein within each one of its patent protected triple internal stacking system ensuring that you never ingest more than what your body needs when preparing single servings of nutrition on the move. Getting accurate protein intake during daily travel is an issue for most professional athletes and for those that lead a protein and calorie controlled diet which is why Core 150™ is The Athlete's Shaker™.